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Tottenham captain and centre Ledley King has said that he will be undergoing a surgery following the end of the season.

Ledley King has been troubled by the problems in the last couple of years, which has almost forced him into retirement. Now, he is at a stage when fans have been calling him for him to step down from the game.

Ledley King has not been able to train with his teammates for more than two years now, which is the only saving grace that helps him play matches. However, this season he has been extremely poor and Tottenham reckon that King that should retire.

The 31-year-old defender, however, has said that he is all set to undergo surgery on his knee that hopes to correct this problem. He has made 23 appearances for Tottenham in the Premier league this season, but he has not played for Tottenham in the last four matches.

Tottenham secured Champions League football by finishing in the fourth position, although whether they play in the competition next season or not depends upon Chelsea winning the Champions League final against Bayern Munich. If Chelsea win the title, then Tottenham have to be content with the Europa league.

“I am sure there will be some talks but I am not certain what’s going on. I have just wanted to concentrate on trying to play and get my knee right and, as I say, the rest will take care of itself. Now I will sit down and see what happens. It’s the kind of surgery I had earlier in the season. I missed the first few games when I had one and hopefully it’s not something serious,” said King. The defender is out of contract at the end of the season, and it is unlikely that Tottenham will renew his deal.