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Ledley Upbeat About Spurs

Ledley King states his opinion about Tottenham and how he feels that the club has received a boost ahead of the new season.

Ledley King would definitely know and he would be in the position to state anything about the Tottenham team, having captained Spurs previously. He feels that the club has learnt much as the new season begins and that should definitely give the club members a head start this season.

Today Ledley has the role of the club ambassador that he plays well. He is considered a legend of Tottenham as he has gained considerable experience in international games. He feels that the club has gained considerable experience as well as the Spurs had participated in many international tournaments. That will definitely have many of the players ready for the new season ahead of training sessions as well.

The reason for such a feeling to have arisen in the club ambassador is the fact that Spurs has had about 12 players in total playing international football at competitive levels this summer. King feels that the club will definitely find the benefits and differences in the abilities of the players as they have recently come back from having participated in different matches at international levels. Eric Dier is one such instance, who was part of England’s team. King feels that, irrespective of how a team performs, having played competitive football at international levels gives the players new found confidence and self belief that continues at club level games in the consecutive season.

He gives instances of his own experience when he had played only twice in 2004 but the challenges he faced out there had given his renewed confidence that impacted his playing and boosted his confidence levels. This year the club has had eleven players in international games.