Ledley King Uncategorized Ledley King Supports Pochettino’s Decision To Stay On With Tottenham

Ledley King Supports Pochettino’s Decision To Stay On With Tottenham

Mauricio Pochettino is being rumored to be transferred either to Real Madrid or Manchester United.

However, Ledley does not think that Pochettino will move. Ledley, being an ex captain of Tottenham, is convincing Pochettino to stay on. He is sure that Pochettino will not look at other teams as he will want to pursue a long term goal in Tottenham and continue to become manager finally at White Hart Lane.

Pochettino has been in the news recently for the work he has done for Spurs. This has definitely helped the team to gain a place to challenge the title in the Premier League games. It definitely has been providing some exciting football games this season for the fans. Pochettino, with his international fame from his Argentina days, has been linked to possible moves between teams like Real Madrid and Manchester United. With both premier teams showing interest in him, his rise to fame is apparent. However, Ledley King has been trying to influence him to think otherwise.

Ledley, even being no longer active on the field, has been actively interested in the club and its potential top players. Ledley hopes that the club puts in their best efforts to retain the top players as the talents need to be nurtured. He feels that Pochettino has the potential to be a manager who can be around and groom the forthcoming generations of players. Ledley feels that Pochettino has a good influence on the team which can be attributed to the exciting new playing levels that the team has achieved of late. With Ledley is a notable voice in the Tottenham circles, it is believed that he will certainly influence and try to get things good for the club and the team.