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King and Ossie Ardiles To Make Regular Visits

As a part of their plan to target the region in the Asia Pacific Tottenham Hotspur has agreed a shirt sponsorship deal with AIA an insurance company for a whopping £100m. Ossie Ardiles and Ledly King, the two club ambassadors were seen to make regular visits to the markets of AIA and they will be doing that for the next few days. The deal will start from the next season and they would be in contract for the next five years which means till 2019.

Both Ledley King and Ossie Ardiles will be supporting many co brands as well as an initiative for the company’s staff, customers, agents and the charitable partners. AIA will also be the main sponsor for the Spurs in all competition from the next season.

This partnership will be the platform for both the organizations to make a brand awareness and capture key markets all across the region of Asia Pacific. Spurs are trying their level best to capture the fourth spot in the Barclays Premiere League which would give them a chance to play in the Champions League next season. It would also help the future of AIA at Spurs.

There has been many customer engagement strategies and marketing policies in AIA which would be beneficial for the contract with Spurs from the next season. The global coaching team of Tottenham Hotspur would also be delivering an elite coaching program and would also have many associated activities which would support the key objectives of AIA. It would help in promoting the well being and health of the region in Asia Pacific.

In addition to this the charitable foundation of the club is also supposed to share different philosophies and ideas which would help to improve the underprivileged young people in the Far East region. The Spurs chairman Daniel Levy was happy to get AIA as their future sponsor and hopes that ambitions in the Asia Pacific region would be a long term one as the club has always been growing significantly due to all these programs.